4 to 8 Years Old


These questions can be used as conversation starters to help children, families, and educators begin to have discussions about challenging topics.

  • What does respect mean?
  • Who do you respect in your life?
  • How do you show respect to others?
  • How do you know when someone is not being respectful to you?
  • Why is it important for you to respect other people’s customs and ways of life?
  • How can you show respect for history, characteristics and perspectives that are different from your own?
  • What is a stereotype?
  • In what ways can your ethnicity/age/gender/culture make (identify) you in a stereotypical way?
  • How does this book celebrate pride in oneself?
  • How does the main character exude (demonstrate?) self confidence?
  • How does this story discuss (portray or demonstrate?) positive self-esteem?
  • How is culture and language used in this book?
  • What did you learn about the historical person in the story ?
  • Describe the historical event that took place in the story. How does this event change American society?